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7-Aug-2011, 18:29
I just got a boatload of this film from a friend, about 200 sheets.
I have no direct experience with it, so I'm wondering if anybody here remembers using it, at which working speed, and specifically, if you know any development times for HC-110 (which I haven't found on this forum).
And my search also turned up some interesting comments, but nothing specific about contrast, tonality or development times.
Any information/opinions on the film would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

John Berry
7-Aug-2011, 22:57
DK-50was the standard developer. It will take about 4 8x10 sheets to take the burn off 1/2 gal of the developer though.

8-Aug-2011, 00:00
There is actually some development times for hc-110 in the spec-sheet.

8-Aug-2011, 01:31
Thanks; I didn't see that spec sheet.

Richard K.
8-Aug-2011, 09:07
Ari, what size sheets? I've tried this years ago in divided D-23 and really liked it. Ryuijie, I think, uses (or used!) Ektapan...

Mark Sampson
8-Aug-2011, 11:31
I've posted about Ektapan in another thread here somewhere- the short answer is that it is slow and contrasty. Expect to use a shorter-than-recommended development time.

8-Aug-2011, 12:02
Richard, I have Ektapan in 4x5 sheets.
Mark, I think I read your comments previously; I'm planning on exposing the film at 80 ISO for starters, and using HC-110 dilution H (1:63) to develop it.
I'd like to avoid any development time under 5 minutes.
Thanks to Taulen, I see that dilution B gives 6 minutes at 20˚C, so I hope that dilution H will give 9 minutes; that way I can process it in the same tank as my TMX400.
Thanks for the help, y'all.