View Full Version : 135mm F/4.5 Doppel-Anastigmat Verda

7-Aug-2011, 16:03
Just purchased a Pacemaker Crown Graphic 4x5 with the above lens. Have tried to find some information about the lens but have not had any success up to this point. Does anyone have any experience or have you even heard of this lens? Any information would be appreciated. :confused:


Tom C
7-Aug-2011, 20:38
Dear Mr. Boinker,
There is a bunch of stuff on this lens via a Google search.
All for now,

8-Aug-2011, 04:14
Apparently you have a different Google than I, or quite an imagination.


Chauncey Walden
9-Aug-2011, 15:25
How sure are you of the Verda?

Dan Fromm
9-Aug-2011, 15:41
Verida. Chauncey, based on this and his parallel post on graflex.org, brother Boinker is spelling-challenged. Or perhaps proofing-challenged.

I've looked, it seems to be an Ihagee lens used on a couple of Ihagee folders. Not clear whether made by Ihagee or bought in. I've responded to his post on graflex.org, maybe he'll read it. Pre-WWII so probably a retrofit to his new used camera.



Tom C
10-Aug-2011, 13:03
Dear Mr. Frommeee,
You are a jerk. I happen to know Mr. Boinker. He is blind. His seeing-eye dog knows how to use spell check but he is a German Shepherd and does not have a good command of the English language.

Dan Fromm
10-Aug-2011, 15:14
Tom or Lance or whoever you are, you are also spelling-challenged. If you have any information that will shed more light on what a Verida is, please share it with us.

Tom C
11-Aug-2011, 17:36
Can't say I can figure out what lens this is but could not resist responding to your unnecessarily snarky commentary. By the way, you might want to check the rules concerning use of hyphens. Its really not gooder english.