View Full Version : Film holder repair

Arthur Nichols
12-May-1999, 17:04
Hi, I just bought 10 used 4x5 film holders. When I open the flap and hold it up to t he light I can see through the tape. Does this mean that the holders are no good ? Is there a way to fix this? Thanks for your help Art Nichols

fred deaton
12-May-1999, 23:44
Art, Your holders are OK. Keep in mind that when the holder is in the camera that the flap is closed. No need to worry.


Douglas Broussard
13-May-1999, 12:38
Err on the side of caution. I know budgets these days are tight, but get a new holder, or temporarily repair the holder with gaffer's tape. In my experience, if light is shining through any part of the flap, it can and will hit the film, depending on the design of your camera back.

You can't be too careful. After massing around with older/used holders for most of a year, I gave up and started shooting a mix of Readyload (actually works!) and new holders. I'm _much_ happier now.

Just my two cents.


Alan Brubaker
8-Nov-2000, 21:03

It is true, light will find a way in. I make new holders and repair and refinish for a living. You need to remove the old tape and clean the area, and then add new Gaffers tape to the holders. I charge $10 each per holder to replace the tape.