View Full Version : Toyo repair question - Help!!!

6-Aug-2011, 13:29
Hey all,

I need to replace the micro-focusing pinion shaft on the rear fine focus on my toyo 45g and I think I'm close but have run into a road block.

I can not figure out how to remove the pinion collar and pinion shaft. I've attached 2 photos so you can see where I'm at.

Anybody out there with toyo repair experience who can help me out?

Thanks - Dave

6-Aug-2011, 16:16
I believe that (in the second photo) the hole on top left side houses a screw which will, once loosened, allow the shaft to be removed.
You need a very small screwdriver with a lot of torque; the two-dollar optician's screwdriver set might not be enough.
I had to purchase a specialty set of drivers for the camera when I completely took apart the rear standard of the 810G once.
I started blind, and only got so far, so I called Toyo and they emailed me an exploded parts diagram.
This will help you to re-assemble the standard also; it's much more intricate than it appears.

7-Aug-2011, 09:38
Ari - You were spot on! Thank you!

There's a tiny little screw in that hole that holds the pinion shaft in place.

And I just printed off the exploded view so hopefully putting it back together will be a snap.

Thanks again - Dave