View Full Version : Is it worth upgrading 65mm F8 SA ?

Dave Tolcher
26-Dec-2001, 05:42
I very recently bought an older multicoated 65mm F8 SA lens for use on an old Su per Cambo monorail. My dear wife was very kind to me and unexpectedly delivered a new Ebony RSW for Xmas. I have to buy a new 00 lens panel for the Ebony and it has set me thinking about whether I should upgrade the lens, I still have a sho rt period on approval left so could exchange without loss of cash. I find the ti ny shutter a bit difficult and the opening and closing a pain, also I dont have a centre filter yet but will need one. The dealer also has a 65mm Nikkor SW F4 l ens as well as a couple of 75mm F5.6 SA, all at reasonable prices. Would one of these be a better proposition ? Does the Nikkor/75mm F5.6 SA need a centre filte r - its coverage is a little better than the 65mm or 75mm F8 SAs ?



paul owen
26-Dec-2001, 06:01
Hi David. The 75mm SA would be a better choice. More coverage than the 65mm - a great lens. You can use them without a centre filter, especially if you shoot black and white and don't use extreme movements. BTW, I got a pair of socks!!!!

Ellis Vener
26-Dec-2001, 06:33
the 75mm might have a larger image circle but the 65mm covers a wider angle of view across a 4x5 negative. yes i think you should go for the Nikon 65mm f/4. You'll have to shoot some Velvia to see if you need a center weighted filter. jack Dykinga seemed to think (before he began to be sponsored by Schneider) that it did not. My advise would be to test and see. If you do need a cwf for the 65mm Nikon, my recommendation is the 0.45 version from Heliopan.

26-Dec-2001, 16:40
test before you buy it ! I've test a nikkor sw 65/4 two weeks ago, side by side with a super angulon MC 90/5.6, while the nikkor was sharper, i didn't like hox it handle tone value (color slide) this is a question of taste and specific samples !