View Full Version : 210 F5.6 Nikkor-w Copal

5-Aug-2011, 17:08
Just scored a 210 F5.6 NIKKOR-W COPAL on the auction site for 170.00. Was that a good deal? The lens is in 'great' shape and when I asked about scratches of fungus in the glass, the seller replied ' the glass is clean'.

Now I need a lens board . I have a Super Speed Graphic.

What size opening and or board do I need?
Does anyone have a lens board to sell for this lens and my camera?

Any additional info/advice about this lens is greatly appreciated.

5-Aug-2011, 19:08
yeah.. that seem like a steal to me. These are fantastic lenses.

You'll need a lens board with a hole drilled for a Copal #1 shutter. The actual hole diameter is 42mm or about 1-5/8 inches.

Andrew Plume
6-Aug-2011, 04:47
that's a great price - $ not hopefully

it will cover 10x8 too



Robert Ley
7-Aug-2011, 06:44
When I had a Super Graphic (great beginner camera with lots of movements) I got my boards from Midwest Photo. They had new boards that I believe were made for them and they weren't very expensive.

That is a good price if in $ and it is a good lens...enjoy.