View Full Version : Lens in copal 3 shutter on a Chamonix45N2?

5-Aug-2011, 12:09
Hi all,

Anyone ever used a lens in a copal 3 shutter on a Chamonix 45N2? I'm afraid the levers might interrupt with the knobs for applying tilt or that the lever for adjusting aperture might not fit in the wooden front standard...
Would it be an option to mount the lens on a tophat lensboard or don't they exist in copal 3 size?


5-Aug-2011, 12:31
The standard mounting hardware for the Copal #3 shutter includes a spacer that solves this issue. Just mount the shutter with the spacer in front of the lens board and it'll all work fine.

5-Aug-2011, 13:42
Didn't know that. Thanks Brad!