View Full Version : 8x10 Deardorff bellows--which to buy?

Douglas Henderson
5-Aug-2011, 08:50
I'm inclined to try and attach a new bellows to an 8x10 Deardorff I picked up on Ebay sometime back. There are a few sources for new bellows. From experience, can anyone comment on the relative quality of the bellows available from Hong Kong ($189.00) and the higher cost bellows ($325.00) for sale on Ebay? The bellows available from Japan seem to require terrific shipping costs.


Tracy Storer
5-Aug-2011, 09:08
I have had new bellows made for lots of cameras, including v8s, by Custom Bellows in England. I usually opt for the black woven cloth cover, but their (standard?) synthetic covering is probably a little less expensive and possibly thinner and more flexible. I just like the durability and look of the fabric. Quality is always the tops !

5-Aug-2011, 09:23
I too recommend Custom Bellows in England. I while back I purchased a Deardorff replacement bellows from them. The fit and finish was perfect and the turn around time was very fast indeed.
I, personally, wouldn't bother with the cheap crap from china. This is a Deardorff after all!