View Full Version : 5X7 contact prints

Terry Hull
4-Aug-2011, 04:38
Heretofore I have used contact prints for filing only. One of the reasons for recently buying the Chamonix 5X7 was to make usable contact prints. I have the idea that making such contact prints is pretty tedious when needing to dodge, burn etc.

Are there suggestions for making it easier?

Thank you

Jay DeFehr
4-Aug-2011, 07:12
It is possible to dodge and burn a contact print, though it's nothing like as easy as doing so when printing by projection. Other options include creating printing masks, and retouching the negative. These approaches have the advantage when multiple prints are to be made. I think these controls are not as common with contact printing as D&B are with projection printing, but that might only be my own experience. If you choose a long scale printing process, I think you'll find D&B-type corrections less necessary. Enjoy your 5x7!

Ralph Miyashiro
5-Aug-2011, 08:27
Using a slow silver chloride paper like designed for contacts like lodima or fomalux will give long exposure times (light bulb setup, not enlarger light). That might help.