View Full Version : Developing & Printing 4X5 negatives

3-Aug-2011, 17:35
I live in Northeast Mississippi. Does anyone know of a business that can handle my 4X5 business? Thanks.

Also, reasonable prices on flashbulbs.

Mark Woods
3-Aug-2011, 17:47
Hello Armyphotog, if you have to mail your film, it's probably the same cost to ship it to any major city and some of the top labs in the US. Regarding the flashbulbs, to my knowledge, they are manufactured any more. I could be wrong on this issue. The film industry has been using them in films since their duration is long enough to register on film. I think the last time I used them, they were $5/bulb. Does anyone know of a source of new bulbs?

Good luck!

Doug Herta
3-Aug-2011, 19:10
For flashbulbs, go to ebay. There is still a lot of old stock out there. The M series flashbulbs run $4-5 a dozen if you buy in quantity and shop carefully. The Press 25 and #5 sizes run between $7-12 per dozen. If you buy a dozen bulbs at a time the shipping costs will make it expensive, so look for folks selling lots of bulbs or cases. If you prefer a dealer for flashbulbs, try Pacific Rim. They appear to be the most reasonable among the dealers out there.

New flashbulbs are still in production in Ireland at Megaflash:


Note: Above link has flashbulbs as well as surf music and bikini models (in New Jersey?)