View Full Version : Eastman Kodak 33a on E*ay

tom thomas
3-Aug-2011, 14:27
There is a decent looking Eastman Kodak 33A on E*ay, 3.5 hrs left, no bidders yet. Missing lens and lens board (but most are.) Item 260826619178 in case anyone may be looking for one. 5X7 per seller.

I have no interest or connection with seller. Just an interesting looking View camera.


3-Aug-2011, 18:49
It's the cheapest model they made, been sanded horribly, looks like holes in bellows, and is in the unloved 5x7 size. 100 dollar starting bid is why no one bid.

Brian Ellis
4-Aug-2011, 09:38
You can say "ebay," it's allowed.

On ebay the meaningful bids usually come in during the last few seconds of the auction. The fact that there are no bids hours before the end doesn't usually mean much (except that from goamule's description of this camera, maybe it does in this case).

tom thomas
5-Aug-2011, 13:35
Auction closed, 0 bidders.
I use E*ay as I don't want to advertise for them on the web too much. Anyone searching the words EBay would pick up our threads. Perhaps think the forum supports EBay. Oops, by mentioning E*bay, I opened this thread to search. Oh well.

I don't specifically see holes but perhaps grey spider nests in the folds in several places. The writeup doesn't mention the bellows at all so perhaps it is in bad shape. The frame looks clean and solid though for the price.


Michael Cienfuegos
6-Aug-2011, 08:03
I found one in reasonably good shape (no lens or lensboard) for $45 a while back, The glue joints were all loose, but the bellows was ok, It didn't take much to put it back in working order.