View Full Version : Polaroid 110b Four Designs Conversion

Phil Hudson
3-Aug-2011, 14:06
Does anyone with experience of the Polaroid 110b conversion by Four Designs know if they also modified the viewfinder to show the correct field of view when they carried out their mods?

I'm assuming that the modern packfilm has a smaller dimension than the original film intended for the (unmodified) camera, making the frame lines inaccurate?

Any comments on the relative accuracy of framing (or any other tips for using this particular conversion) much appreciated!

john biskupski
4-Aug-2011, 00:52
Can't help you with the Four Designs make, but the Razzle 4x5 conversion has a reasonably accurate viewfinder including parallax correction for closer work. Using smaller size (instant) packfilms (3 1/4 x 4 1/4) eg Fuji FP100C or FP100B is a separate issue, the Razzle framelines do not reflect that smaller format either. Easy to cut off heads/arms. But also quite easy to avoid doing so by being aware of where the smaller image lies in the viewfinder image. A bit hit and miss, but adequate for many situations where great precision is not needed. I assume full size instant pack film eg FP100C45 can be used (different holder of course), I've stuck with the smaller format as cheaper.

4-Aug-2011, 06:03
I had a four designs 110b. I had to let it go, but they are great conversions. I didn't ever notice any framing issues, but then i'm not sure I really expect absolute accuracy from a RF. John is right that the Razzle (had 2 of those too) is very accurate with 4x5 film though. I'm actually not sure that the modern pack film is that different in size to the old roll polaroid though? But putting a smaller pack holder on a Razzle would result in framing error, as the film plane is further back from the lens on a Razzle than on a Fourdesigns (if you see what I mean).

Nathan Appel
7-Aug-2011, 11:16
I had the four designs custom polaroid, it was a really well done conversion and fairly inexpensive compared to other companies. The pack film it took was the smaller 3.25x4.25