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3-Aug-2011, 13:46
I have an old Zeiss Apochromat Tessar, recently acquired, that should be quite common; i found that it's ignored by the Vademecum, the only reported version is Series VIII.
My example is Series XII₂ (whatever the meaning.. a possible explanation below).
Here you can see a very similar one, even the same focal and aperture, with the iris diaphragm instead of waterhouse stops :

I have developed a taste for long focal apo/process lenses, but i promised to myself that this is the last one!
I already have scaled focal lengths, up to the limit of my longest bellows, so i can well stop my addiction. :)
Getting a few infos about my last acquisition would help a lot...
Serial number is 5782xx
I found that it should refer to a lens made in 1923. There are different numerations, though.

Any lens guru owning a 90 years old Zeiss catalog?
Probably my lens is the same as a 1927 model i found in a catalog at the same old place (http://www.cameraeccentric.com/html/info/zeiss_1.html). The Apo Tessar f/10 64cm/25" is listed as covering 50x60cm at 1:1, so at infinity it should cover the 24x30cm standard metric format.
The only reference to "XII" is the size of filters. That would be a good answer. No answer to the question about the meaning of "XII₂", is there a second version of Series XII filters? I must admit that i have very little knowledge about series filters.

Last thing.
It will take some time to get a new flange for my new toy (still waiting for the last batch i ordered 8 months ago!). In the meantime, i would be more than happy to get a first hand impression about old vintage Apo Tessars.

have fun


Dan Fromm
3-Aug-2011, 13:57
Tube size.

3-Aug-2011, 16:25
correct---that number is the BARREL designation, not the glass designation