View Full Version : Shutter repair in Canada?

3-Aug-2011, 12:21
I have a Seiko shutter in need of repair.
While a $50 repair fee at Flutot's is very enticing, the long wait times are not.
Does anyone know of a quality shutter repairman in Canada who doesn't charge an excessive amount for a CLA?
Thanks in advance.

3-Aug-2011, 15:07
Camtech in Hamilton

3-Aug-2011, 15:28
Thank you, Bill.

3-Aug-2011, 18:55
Roger, at Camtech, has been my go to repairman for 30 years, at least; from my 35mm Topcon Unirex to my 645 Contax to my 4x5 linhof and my LF lenses.
Absolutely trustworthy.
Hamilton is a lucky town to have him around, considering the loss of real film camera stores in general.
Although we must be a good photographic town as we have 3 (+1 on line store) excellent camera stores still with film knowledgable staff in the area.
But for repairs email or better yet phone Roger.

Len Middleton
4-Aug-2011, 10:28
Another vote for Roger.

I purchased a 325mm f4.5 IIE Cooke knuckler locally that had the lens hood bent and the aperature ring was hard to turn. Roger put that all right for me, operationally.

4-Aug-2011, 10:40
Thank you again, Bill and Len.