View Full Version : Schneider Xenar 135mm f3.8 Press info?

Nathan Appel
1-Aug-2011, 19:13
I just picked up a xenar 135mm 3.8 press lens on ebay, for a 4x5 project. I bought it, as I'm really interested in a fast piece of glass. However, in looking for info on the internet, it seems there is little out there. It is mounted in a compur/Linhof branded shutter, marked "west germany" Does anyone else use this lens or have opinions on it? I'm guessing it's single coated? To give you an idea of what I am using it for, I am building a polaroid 110 conversion camera (4x5) so there will be no bellows movements. I shoot mostly portraits, between 4-10feet in range. Thanks :)

Frank Petronio
1-Aug-2011, 23:33
Not the sharpest and lower contrast but so what?

Nathan Appel
2-Aug-2011, 00:18
oh, okay. thanks

Frank Petronio
2-Aug-2011, 05:26
The 135/3.5 Xenotar that came after was the best, prior there was a plain 3.5 Xenar, I tried that too, it was hazy though... not well thought of. The plain Xenar was pre WW2.

Nathan Appel
2-Aug-2011, 10:20
i figured it was just an okay, but i didn't even know there was an f3.5! Frank, do you know if this lens is coated, and how could you tell if a lens is coated?

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
2-Aug-2011, 11:21
The 135/3.8 Xenars were (single) coated. I am pretty sure that these were optically identical to the f3.5 version, but forced into a smaller shutter. I don't know specifically about the 135mm size, but Schneider produced some f3.5 Xenars into the 1960s. For what it is worth, I have a 1960s 240/3.5 Xenar which is fantastic--sharp and contrasty--but a bit prone to flare.