View Full Version : 97 Cent 4x5 Film Holder Case at Walmart -

R Mann
1-Aug-2011, 06:40

Found this at Walmart this weekend in a back to school bin - 97 cents each. They will just take 3 - standard size 4x5 film holders, or 2 with some room to spare. Fabric is a light weight nylon?? with a fairly good quality zipper. I got a few to try and think I might go back for some more while they are in stock.

Kevin M Bourque
1-Aug-2011, 08:06
Good idea. I used to use a non-rigid insulated lunch container with a zip top. It held ten or so 4x5 holders like it was built for them.

1-Aug-2011, 08:41
It's good to have a clean place to store the film holders when they are not in the darkroom.

Those look handy. Just be careful the plastic window does not attract dust with static electricity. Some soap on the plastic or taping a piece of antistatic bag inside should stop that if it does.

I use antistatic pink plastic zip-top bags of similar size and hold 2-3 film holders in them. Not as durable, but cheap and functional.

Jay DeFehr
1-Aug-2011, 08:53

I use the same coolers- perfect fit! And they have a nice carrying strap, too.