View Full Version : 2x3 roll film back infos

29-Jul-2011, 08:34
does anyone know which type (brandt & model) is this roll film back fitted on the Graflex XL?
I've never seen a 2x3 roll back in Sinar Zoom style and I'm very interested to find one as like the Sinar 4x5 it allows to insert the back without removing the GG.
It will be very easy and fast to use, better than common type I think.

Bob Salomon
29-Jul-2011, 09:28
Linhof Rapid Rollex 23 slips into any 23 format camera back. it shoots 10 6x7 shots on 120 film.

tom thomas
29-Jul-2011, 15:51
I just saw one of these for 4X5 today for sale in a camera shop. What is a good price for them? Anyone? That is, if we are allowed to mention approximate values here.

I opened it up, looks complicated to load the film since the leader has to be threaded all the way to the left, then back in front of the film gate, then wound on a spool. Isn't there a chance of exposing the first part of the film this way?


Dan Fromm
29-Jul-2011, 16:09
Tom, you've just described the Adapt-A-Roll 620 and Calumet C-2/C-2N film path. I use AARs, loading is easy and I haven't had light strike problems at the head of the roll.

tom thomas
30-Jul-2011, 13:17
Thanx Dan,
I think it as a Calumet. I didn't think to write down the brand name. Newer though than the Adapt-a-Roll 620. The one I looked at takes 120 film. Would $99 be too much for one of these?


30-Jul-2011, 14:14
$99 US is OK, if EURO $99 is too much. Check with ebay always appear.

1-Aug-2011, 13:02
I've started using the similar Adapt-A-Roll 620s as well. I find them a bit fiddly to load myself, but I expect it will become easier with more pratice. However, I really like them for ease of use. Instead of a Graflok back where you have to take the focusing screen off and remount the 2x3 back- with the AAR you just insert the AAR like a film holder and shoot. Much faster in that respect.

Dan Fromm
1-Aug-2011, 14:32
domaz, load a sacrificial roll of film carefully and run it through an AAR, marking the edges of each frame as you wind it through. You should find it possible to get 9 frames per roll.

Careful loading means load normally, advance the film until the tape that holds the film to the backing paper is just visible at the "far" end of the gate, advance the film one click, and then set the counter to "1" and start marking.