View Full Version : Type 809 print problems, possibly x-ray dammage

Jeff Hargrove
19-Dec-2001, 08:36
I have a problem with two light bands running across my type 809 prints and the bands are always exactly in the same place. This only happens with one box that was x-rayed. Other boxes that have not been x-rayed are fine. I thought x-rays w ould fog the film or blacken it. Apart from the bands, the print is perfect. Doe s anyone have any experience as to how x-rays would affect polaroid film?

Andre Noble
13-Jan-2002, 11:57
What you've described is the X-ray damage pattern that you get with the new, high energy x-ray machines recently introduced in some airports (I forget the trade name for these machines, or the exact technology which makes them more lethal for films). I've seen that pattern (of a couple lines across the film) demonstrated in a Popular Photography article on the new x-ray machines.