View Full Version : Do Canham DLC45 Boards Fit Tachihara Cameras?

John Fink Jr.
27-Jul-2011, 07:56
Sorry for this sort of basic question.
I'm wondering if the Canham DLC45 lens boards fit the Tachihara 4x5 Field Cameras?

Thank you as always for the knowledge and input.

karl french
27-Jul-2011, 08:12

27-Jul-2011, 08:15
maybe if you got a run at it:)
You could get a canham/toyo to linhof adapter and then use linhof boards on both cameras.

John Fink Jr.
27-Jul-2011, 08:15
Thanks Karl!!

Gem Singer
27-Jul-2011, 08:16

The answer to your question is no, they are too large.

The Tachi takes the smaller Linhof Tech size lens boards.

Canham 4x5 lens boards are the same size as Toyo field lens boards.

27-Jul-2011, 10:24
The dimensions of the Canham boards are 110mm X 110mm.
The dimensions of the Linhof Technica style boards are something like 99mm x 97mm (from memory).

Canham sells a very simple adapter to allow use of the smaller technika style boards on the DLC45 and MQC57 - which maybe the source of your question. Use of this adapter makes it look as though the Canham DLC45 takes Linhof technica boards. They're close but, as others have already said, No, the Canham boards are much too big to fit on a Tachihara (which uses Linhof technica style boards).

John Fink Jr.
27-Jul-2011, 19:08
Thank you so much for all your input everyone.
Great help as always!!!