View Full Version : Sheet Film Holders for 5x7 Spring Back Press Graflex

Glen M
25-Jul-2011, 19:01
I've officially been a LF photographer for about 36 hours now. It's amazing what $300 burning a hole in one's pocket at flea market will do. Anyhow, I purchased a 5x7 Press Graflex with a Wollensak Series II f4.5 9.5in. Everything seems to be in working order and I've figured out how it operates. The camera came with two film holders, a standard two sided holder and a Graflex Film Pack Adapter. I would like to purchase some more of the standard two sided holders, but I see many entries about getting the right ones to fit the camera. Will Eastman 5x7's fit the Press Graflex? The pictures on e-bay look the same as mine. I see discussion about grooves on the holders, but neither the camera nor my one holder appear to have any grooves.

Thanks in advance for any help or advice anyone wishes to bestow.

Louis Pacilla
25-Jul-2011, 21:36
Hi Glen


Great camera I have one & love the beast. Yours sounds to be in great shape & You got a deal at $300 IMHO . This is one of Folmer & Schwings original designs & was made for decades. It's the only Graflex that I know of that would get to a 1500th sec shutter speed. When new of course.

While the Press Graflex has a 5x7 spring back .The only holders that will fit are Graflex holders with the groves. Buy the holders that are just like the the pair that came w/ your camera. These holders are also larger in size as well as having the groves. keep your eyes open as they are out there. They're usually kind of steep in price if in good condition & They can be as rare as hens teeth. That said they are out there So start the hunt.

Check & see if your Vellostigmat II has a 0-5 on the front rim of the lens. If so you'll have to do a search on this lens because There is info on how to alter it to produce very diffused images. If it dose not have the diffusion feature it's still a fantastic fast hunk of glass.

Hope that helps a little.


tom thomas
26-Jul-2011, 11:22
Is this a camera like the one you found for $300? If so, nice price as this one is up on a German auction for starting price of Euro 400. That's about $575 at the current exchange rate.


Jan Normandale
26-Jul-2011, 11:48
I'd suggest you go to graflex.org and post there too!

Glen M
27-Jul-2011, 15:45
Thanks for the information, the links, and advice. Great forum!

Yes, the camera does seem to be surprisingly intact. The shutter spring cranks all the way to 15 and works and the shutter cloth is intact and appears to operate all the way to its narrowest setting. I probably won't crank it to 15 very often with a 100 year old spring, but it's nice to know it works. The only problem I've noticed is the indicator that's supposed to show the position of the shutter cloth doesn't seem to show anything. Is there any way to clean this, or should I just get used to counting the clicks?

Regarding the lens, yes, it does have that soft focus 0-5 function on it. Although, the aperture ring is a little stiff to turn. I assume it will loosen up with some working.