View Full Version : Wista DX and recessed Technika lensboards

25-Jul-2011, 11:57
Can recessed Linhof Technika lensboards fit the Wista DX? (I have an early Nagaoka and its only drawback is that I can't use most of the lenses from my Tech IV.)

Bob Salomon
25-Jul-2011, 12:40
Yes, but modern Linhof boards might be a very tight fit. Why not use a Wista recssed board?

25-Jul-2011, 13:30
Thanks Bob.
"Why not use a Wista recssed board?" Several of my cammed lenses are already on recessed boards for the Technika.

Doremus Scudder
25-Jul-2011, 18:17
I have a couple of DXs and find the Wista, Linhof, Nikkor and many other aftermarket Technika-style boards all fit just fine. The recessed ones fit fine too. I don't know if the newest Linhof boards are beefier than the older styles though...


Doremus Scudder