View Full Version : Flashed Opal Glass

Gary Ross
13-Dec-2001, 15:21
Stephen Shuart advertises Flashed Opal glass as an alternative to a cold light h ead on enlargers. Has anyone used these and if so what results can be expected.

Doug Paramore
13-Dec-2001, 22:19
Gary: I did considerable experimentation several years ago to try and get the effect of cold light with opal glass and white translucent plastic. When I got enough glass or plastic in the enlarger to do any good, the light was too dim to be usable. I worked with one negative, a shot of a weathered stump with a very light top. With the condensers and flashed opal glass, considerable burning in was required on the light area of the stump. I can print the same neg with the same grade of paper on cold light with no burning required. I really think you either need an enlarger designed for diffusion printing or a cold light head. Just my experience, your mileage may vary.