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Amie Burns
23-Jan-2002, 14:16
I have doing research on wet plate negatives. One question...IS the glass place d directly into the back of the camera or do you place the wet plate in a holder that then slides into the back of the camera? And Can I use my field camera? or will the chemicals damage the bellows? I plan on taking a class with Mark Osterman; if I can get in...but until then, I would like to do some homework before attending? Thanks, Amie

David F. Stein
23-Jan-2002, 15:33

The MASTER SITE http://www.cwreenactors.com is not now responding

Amie Burns
23-Jan-2002, 17:27
David, That has to be the best website by far. It's funny just last week I went to the PBS.org website to see parts of Sally Mann expose' from their ART 21 series. She was explaining her collodion processing. Thank you.

Robert Szabo
25-Jan-2002, 20:26
Hey thanks! Thats my site.

You only need to make or have an adapter made for a wet plate holder for your camera.

There are simple ways of trying that the Ostermans can tell you about. One is to use an old dry plate or wooden film holder. It can be modified to do wet plate.

Robert Szabo