View Full Version : Any Elwood 5x7 enlarger users out there?

24-Jul-2011, 14:10
Hi. I recently purchased a 5x7 Elwood enlarger and I need some information. My enlarger uses a big metal weight, which slides up and down the rear of the upright column, to counterbalance the head assembly. Unfortunately, the counterweight is missing. Making the weight is not a problem, but I do not know how heavy it should be. Does anybody out there have one of these enlargers, the wooden one with the rack and pinion system to raise and lower the head? I need to know how much the weight weighs.



24-Jul-2011, 15:08
You may have to do some trial and error. You could hone in on a perfect weight for your system based on the weight of your lens, if you have a glass or non-glass, metal or wood framed carrier etc.

27-Jul-2011, 17:52
slide the housing off and weigh it.