View Full Version : Where to buy 4x5 film??

24-Jul-2011, 10:08
Hi there, I'm traveling across the states and I'm about to run out of 4x5 film. I'm currently in Flagstaff, Arizona and I'll be heading West from here. Does anybody know where the nearest place I can buy color 4x5 film is? Also I'd like to get the film I have shot so far developed, so a place that processes color 4x5 film as well would be great.

Thank you

Mark Woods
24-Jul-2011, 10:12
Freestyle is in Hollywood as is A&I where you can get it processed.

24-Jul-2011, 10:20
If your coming to Phoenix, Photomark has a bit of film. Unfortunately the lab side at Photomark recently closed down(Colormark). Also Tempe Camera Repair carries film and still does processing. Both are online.

Gem Singer
24-Jul-2011, 10:23
Tempe Camera, located nearby to Flagstaff, in the Phoenix,AZ metroplex. Google them.

Film sales as well as processing. Photographers here in TX send their color film to Tempe for processing. They do an excellent job.

Sirius Glass
24-Jul-2011, 11:42
FreeStyle in Hollywood http://www.freestylephoto.biz/c_retail.php
Samy's in West Los Angeles [at least two places], Pasadena, and Santa Barbara http://www.samys.com/index/page/static/subpage/store_locations
Calumet - if you want high prices