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24-Jul-2011, 09:56
I'm sorry to have to report that those of you looking forward to having Fred work on your camera may be in for a disappointment. Of course, I was dubious when I sent my 4X5 in for repairs about 5 months ago. I mean, after all, Fred is 83, but when I first talked with him he seemed alert, and very much in charge. Since then, he has had a short stay in the hospital for pneumonia. But, my camera can't seem to get repaired and everytime I talk with him, it's like we are discussing a different camera. I have just about decided I won't see my camera again. The money really doesn't matter given the loss of a such a great craftsman. I longed to have the work done by Fred Lustig, and would have treasured the camera forever, but that doesn't seem to be what is playing out. Too bad. Good luck, Fred, and God bless.

Sirius Glass
24-Jul-2011, 11:38
If Fred does not repair your camera and you can get it back, contact Bert Saunders or 45PSS at graflex.org for help.


24-Jul-2011, 11:43
If Fred does retire from doing these repairs, as opposed to taking a break, I hope he makes arrangements for his stock of spares to get into productive hands. In my family, they would probably end up in the dumpster, which would be a terrible shame.

Rick "hoping for his good health" Denney

24-Jul-2011, 13:10
Take heart, this is not the first time that Fred has had to take a break due to his health. It may indeed be a long wait but, I'm pretty sure that you'll be quite pleased when he is done working on your camera.

Until then, all I can say is be patient.

4-Sep-2011, 15:34
Got my camera back. Not completely pleased. What he did fix is fine, what he didn't, isn't. Returned some flash cords, one faulty, the other wrong, but don't expect to hear from him. Bummer.

bill kehoe
4-Sep-2011, 17:15
i'm sorry to say i had a similar experience with fred 2 years ago. i too got my camera back months late and with only some of what i'd paid for done, and it was a very drawn-out, frustrating experience. it was hard to get past his understandably protective wife to talk to him, and equally hard to convince him to check his records because he thought he remembered our transaction. he didn't. twice he directly accused me of trying to scam him.
i'm sure he was a great guy in his time but i didn't know him then. sad circumstances and all, i would absolutely never so much as order a part from him again.

6-Nov-2014, 17:53
Hope this link is still active . . . Did you every get your camera returned? You may have heard that Fred passed away this past August. I am a family member.

Peter De Smidt
6-Nov-2014, 18:14
I'm very sorry for your loss.

It's very good of you to check whether Fred's customers are missing anything.

7-Nov-2014, 10:28
Oh dear, what sad news. Fred made some repairs for me after his stroke a bunch of years ago. We chatted several times through his recovery until he felt well enough to take the job. I enjoyed each one of our brief chats very much. I am saddened by this news. God love him; he was a very nice man.

19-Dec-2014, 06:17
Several years ago I sent Fred two 3 X 4 Speed Graphics. One belonged to my father and was in good condition. I just wanted it freshened up for nostalgic use occasionally. The other was a never used 3 X 4 in it's original sales box with purchase receipt. He lost them both. I'm still sick over it. Life goes on. I have my health and another nice 3 X 4 sits on my shelf that I use occasionally. I will take some family photos with it at XMas. I am a bit of a Graflex freak. I also own an absolutely perfect Anniversary Speed that I retrofitted with a Graflok back (sacrilege?) and an equally excellent Crown Graphic. The Crown is set up with scales for 90, 120, 135, and 150mm.

Sirius Glass
19-Dec-2014, 17:18
If only this was the first time I heard of Ferd losing cameras ... I have heard it a number of times which is why I had others help me with Graflex and Graphic repairs.

20-Dec-2014, 07:42
Since Fred has walked the path of souls, I see little use of continuing this thread and criticism.


Ken Lee
20-Dec-2014, 07:57
Thread closed.