View Full Version : which recessed board for a nikon 65mm F4 and a chamonix 45N-2

23-Jul-2011, 17:33
which one will work and allow cocking the shutter etc:confused:

23-Jul-2011, 18:47
I believe this has come up here before. I use mine w/o a recessed board, usually bag bellows (shenhao brand). You still will need to check the universal bellows for vignetting by pulling off the back prior to inserting a film holder. I posted a pic of the problem the last time this sort of issue came up.
I think any most recessed boards (as long as the board isn't too thick as many chinese lens boards are) will fit the chamonix but i don't own any.

Bob McCarthy
23-Jul-2011, 18:55
Are you sure you need one?

Move the back to the most forward position, I think it might work w/o needing a recessed board.


23-Jul-2011, 20:08
not sure really I will have to check when I get the lens, thanks for the replies though.