View Full Version : Offered Shen Hao GJ45, how about it?

23-Jul-2011, 13:25
I've been offered the Shen Hao GJ45 with the Schneider Symmar 150mm/5,6, total of 11 filmholders, the Fuji Quickload-holder and some other accessories.

All this for a total amount of 550 USD.

I've tried to search the net about this camera, and it seems to be an older model, but is it a good deal? I would like to shoot portraits with a Dallmeyer 3b or similar, will that work?

Does anyone have any experience with this camera?

John Koehrer
23-Jul-2011, 14:50
Nope, don't have one, never seen one!

But $550 for a take it out & take pitchers kit it sounds reasonable. If you eliminate the holders and lens from the equation or about $150-$200 it makes the camera a pretty good deal IF it's in good shape.

Tony Evans
24-Jul-2011, 06:55
Goggle "Shen-Hao GJ45". Lots of info, including 2004 prices, Flickr, etc.