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Tom Schulte
23-Jul-2011, 07:17
I found your site when I was looking for information about an Eastman View No 2 camera I have. I bought this camera and accessories at an auction years ago and it finally resurfaced recently when I was cleaning out a downstairs closet. The camera is in very nice shape and seems intact with 2 extra lenses that may or may not go with the camera. It has a wood folding tripod, squeeze ball and beat up old carrying case. I think the lense that is on the camera isn't working. I am writing to see if you or someone would have a ballpark idea of what this is worth and to see if anyone is interested in purchasing it all from me. I was thinking of putting it on ebay but thought maybe I could find someone who is really wanting a set up like this. If you have any ideas for me to sell this some other way than ebay, I would also appreciate your advice. I would appreciate all comments.

Louis Pacilla
23-Jul-2011, 07:50
Hi Tom

***You must wait the 30 days before conduct business on our forum?

You can sale it on the FS section in 30 days. List it then or.....

Put them on eBay with No Reserve 7 day ending on Sunday evening. Make sure you have good quality photos.

Sale camera & it's accessories in one auction. Lenses by themselves and then the tripod in a separate auction.