View Full Version : Coverage Question Of A 65mm Lens

22-Jan-2002, 18:01
hi there can anyone out there tell me if a 65 mm Graphex Optar f6.8 will cover a 4x5 negative or is just for 2x3 and 3x4 format cameras? unfortunately i can't afford a f8 superangulon right now, i figure this might work for a little while. is there anything i should know about this lens before i get it?

as always thanks in advance for your advice! john ps. i won't be using it for any color film, just b&w.

vincent escalante
22-Jan-2002, 19:07
The 65mm lens will not completely cover a 4x5 negative. There is fall off in the corners. I'm not sure if the optar is coated. The lens is pretty prone to lens flare outside. I purchased my 65mm lens to use on my speed graphic. I have to drop the bed so that it does not show up in the photo.


22-Jan-2002, 20:54
Not even close.

23-Jan-2002, 12:08
thanks! i guess i'll save my pennies and get a 65mm super angulon. i only have a few thousand (pennies) left to save.

- john