View Full Version : A 135mm Kodak Wide Field Ektar Question

Dick Deimel
21-Jan-2002, 22:09
Does anyone know if a 135mm Kodak Wide Field Ektar lens will fit in a Copal 0 Sh utter?

Asher Galloway
21-Jan-2002, 23:12
The person to ask is S K Grimes at skgrimes@skgrimes.com.His website is skgrimes.com and you can also contact him there.He does this for a living.If a copal 0 won't fit he will find something that will.

22-Jan-2002, 08:02
No. Older US-made shutters don't conform to modern size conventions. That said, if your Supermatic (is isn't in a Graphex, is it?) is dead, it may be resurrectable. If not, MAYBE Mr. Grimes can remount the lens in a modern shutter for you at a price you're willing to pay, but it won't be a simple 'unscrew cells from the old, screw them into then new' job.



Kevin Kemner
22-Jan-2002, 12:04
Hi Dick,

The 135 will not fit into a copal #0 or #1 hole. If you have a drill press you will need to get a blank toyo board and a hole saw of the appropriate dimension. The aluminum is easy to cut through and the task can be completed in less than fifteen minutes. (not including the hour spent at Home Depot) As for reshuttering, the lens elements for the 135 will require a copal 3 shutter. I have opted for sending mine to SK Grimes about every 2 years for CLA.

Good Luck