View Full Version : Shutter for older lens

Thomas Aikin
10-May-1999, 17:30
I've been using my B x J 11 x 14 for 30 years in the field. I recently bought a 12" Goertz Dagor--a fabulous lens with great coverage, but it has no shutter. It is tricky to add a shutter to these, because then lens has be be taken apart and re-milled. Does anyone know of a shutter that can be added to the FRONT of such a lens?

Tony Brent
10-May-1999, 19:38
No, but adding a Packard Shutter to the back side of the lens board is no major undertaking. It gives you 1/25th, Bulb, and some come with a set of X sync contacts. Plus, you use a real squeeze bulb and look cool. I had one on my 8 x 10 Deardorff and used only barrel mount lenses, including a nice Goerz-Robertson 12" Apo.

Richard Fish
10-May-1999, 19:56
My guru in the matter of LF shutters is Steve Grimes: skgrimes@skgrimes.com. If you and Steve agree that a Packard shutter is indeed, as has been suggested, an easy answer, you may want to speak with Stephen Shuart who usually has Packards for sale - both new and used.

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
10-May-1999, 22:42
Not to muddy the water but.....

On E-bay I saw two interesting items - 2 different people selling the legendary Thorton-Pickard roller blind shutter which does indeed mount on the front of the lens and offers more speed settings than the famous and durable Packard...

And a cleverly adapted shutter curtain from the rear of an older Graphic, Speed or otherwise I'm not sure. The whole device went where the lensboard would normally go, although it would recess behind the board's normal position, and on the front, it was designed to accept a Kodak MV lensboard.

Now, TRYING TO FIND the first and PAYING to get the 2nd BUILT are of course onerous tasks, to say the least. The Packard is definatley the easy and safe way to go - but the other two are really intriguing, to say the least.