View Full Version : tack iron

Raymond Bleesz
11-Dec-2001, 10:51
Does anyone have sugestions on how to clean the "gunk" off the tack iron which h as accumulated over time during the mounting process???

Acetone does not work as I experimented briefly. thank you

11-Dec-2001, 10:59
I think the best thing to use is Bestine, which is rubber cement thinner. It's available in most art stores.

I think lighter fluid would also work, and probably mineral spirits or paint thinner. However, with these solutions, I recommend you wipe the iron off with alcohol to remove chemical residue.

Eric Pederson
11-Dec-2001, 13:21
Also, use a little scrap of "release paper" when you tack in future and you won't need to clean it again!

pat krentz
11-Dec-2001, 14:37
There are several products which remove adhevise(spelling)like the ones you use to remove stickers off your car window. Pat