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20-Jul-2011, 14:37
Hello to the LF folks here. I must admit that I am not a LF photographer. Nor Do I have LF daarkroom time.

However my 120 645 Mamiya keeps me me busy dodging and burning. So with that said, I do plead ignorance of the title of this post.

In my spare time my brother and I buy storage lockers, long before the television versions came out we realized this was a enjoyable pursuit and has so far been quite rewarding.

We recently bought a unit in Laurel Montana sight unseen. The man who owned it had no family and at the age of 92 passed. We had bought from this facility once before and were called by the owner.

Ok the history of this locker in a nutshell...USN Radioman. His papers and equipment indicated posts in the Pacific theater and codes used along with the actual transmitter. Various household items, some vintage records, and the usual things one might find in a unit.

BUT ----- We find a large old X - ray folder with M of O stamped on the folders within. All appear to be B & W and are of Leopards - Baboons - A Bird in Flight - and a remarkable ( all of them are remarkable ) image of a Tree. Which I believe I have seen before. The negatives (?) images are on DUPONT CRONEX the only other info is the number 417687, which I postulate is the batch number.

The size of the negatives is the size of a full X-ray. It is beyond my comprehension of how this is process is accomplished and what if any $ these may hold. I would be happy to post a picture, but would rather email to anyone in the know about this. Photography and I have been intimate for 45+ years and I am at a loss here.

Replies or any information will be most welcome.

Thanks to all for the time spent on my behalf.

Ron Jordan intellipointer6@hotmail.com

20-Jul-2011, 15:13
Probably enlarged onto the film just as you would make a print on paper. If they are negative they used Cronex duplicating (positive) film. If they are positives it is likely the usual x-ray film.

23-Jul-2011, 21:59
Thank you for this info, any other folks concur or know how long this process has been around? A couple of the protective sheet have M of O on them. They are quite well composed and exposed ( I think )... Do labs print this type of negative. I live in Minot ND or at least used to have ahome there. All the labs here are destroyed.

Thank you,

Ron Jordan