View Full Version : Is the extension rail the same for Korona 8x10 and 11x14?

19-Jul-2011, 11:08
Anyone know if the same extension is used on the Korona View 8x10 as is for the 11x14? In photos I've seen, the 11x14 looks like the rear standard track guide is inset more than the 8x10 which makes me think they may have used the same tripod base and extension rails.

Now, if they are the same, anyone know where I can find one? Waned one for my 8x10 since I got it, but just won an 11x14 on the bay and it didn't have one either!


Louis Pacilla
19-Jul-2011, 18:07
No. Most every format has it's own size rail. Most if not all manufacturers are like this. At least as far as I know.

The best course of action is to have one manufactured. Since it may take a year of steady searching to find one on eBay or here. Then you'll think you won the correct size rail. Then you'll find it does not fit right. you'll waste tons of time & why? Just have Richard Ritter manufacture one that will fit like a glove. he can make stabilizers too. I would suggest this as it helps a lot with stability.

You may need to send the base rail in so Richard can make an exact fit. But it's way worth the $300 or so it may cost to be able to use long lenses.

Just my two cents.

19-Jul-2011, 19:47
Thanks Louis, sadly, I know deep down in my wallet you are right.

Doug Howk
20-Jul-2011, 04:01
my 7X17 Korona does not match my 8X10 Korona rail. So I just picked up on ePray couple of similar rails. Used the hardware and sides, while creating the center sections to proper width. Seems to work OK.