View Full Version : Want to put a 90 or 72mm on a Crown Graphic Special

Michael Hintlian
7-Dec-2001, 15:50
I have a very cool Crown Graphic Special that I want to put a 90 or 72mm lens on (or another lens in this range). Frankly I don't know where to start...but I know what I want to do. Where do I find lens boards for this camera? Which of the array of wides for 4X5 will allow me to close the camera? Any and all help is welcome.


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7-Dec-2001, 16:22
New lensboards are avlaible from www.midwestphoto.com (about $20). 90mm Angulon and Wollensak fit with front door closed. Super Angulon is wasted because of the limited movements of the Graphics.