View Full Version : ansco130 / GAF universal

6-Dec-2001, 21:35
i found a old can of gaf about 7 years ago in a studio i used to rent .. it must have been 20+ years old ... it had instructions for using the developer to process film.

i started to use ansco130 again since maybe march for prints as well as film. i dilute around 1:5 and process at about 70? by inspection -

does anyone else have experience with this developer to process film?

- john

steve simmons
9-Dec-2001, 13:00
In my experience this is a print developer with many nice qualities - a long delicate scale.

steve simmons

Mikal Smythe
9-Dec-2001, 13:54

I have used much of this developer, both for printing and films. The long scale Mr. Simmons mentioned is in negatives made with this developer too. Instead of 1:5, maybe 1:4 givees better contrast, still many nice tones. Bye Mikal

steve simmons
9-Dec-2001, 15:29
I use PMK for all of my film and have for 20 years. The long scale I was referring to is in developing prints with 130.

steve simmons

10-Dec-2001, 22:50
i like its long scale in prints, the negatives made from using this developer are nicer that those i made with xtol. i'm glad glycin is still being made :) -john