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16-Jul-2011, 23:47
New to the group, need your help.
I just purchased Schneider Super Angulon 90mm/f8 with
Synchro Compur for my Linhof Technika Model III
Separately purchased Linhof lens board with Copal 0 (was recommended) and it does not fit.
1. opening on the board is about 35mm, the lens is about 24mm
2. 20mm board recess is about 5-7mm to big so the board does not even fit the camera.
Thinking of making my own board. Here is the dilemma:
Iíve seen two different types of boards for the same lens. One with recess one without (flat).
Which is correct?
If both are, what do I loose/gain with the recessed board.
Thank you all in advance


17-Jul-2011, 02:48
It seems that you have an older SA90 in Synchro-Compur size 00 shutter.

See this recent thread:


I have seen a solution to adapt 0 boards to 00 mentioned on these forums. I have not actually tried this myself and am not affiliated in anyway with the seller, although I have bought items from them that I have been satisfied with:

Ebay item: 140547134636

I can't advise you on whether or not you need a recessed lens board, that is specific to your camera and lens combination. As long as you can focus at infinity with a flat board it will be OK, but recessed boards also allow more lens movements.

17-Jul-2011, 06:43
That adapter looks perfect; great that somebody has that kind of thing ready to go at a decent price.
It seems like a less expensive alternative to selling your Copal 0 board, and buying another 00 board.

17-Jul-2011, 20:26
Thank you all for your help.