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16-Jul-2011, 20:48
hi all i recently aquired a brass lens made my Andrew J Lloyed of Boston, thats what it says on the cap anyway, i mounted it on my 5x7 havnt shot a sheet with it yet, but it seems like a soft focus lens, anyone ever heard of it. thanks

Steven Tribe
17-Jul-2011, 02:09
Andrew J LLoyd was a big direct mailing organisation of all things photographic. He sold all sorts of lenses. The "special offers" he had, that were engraved or stamped with his name were usually "bargain" type lenses that he bought wholesale from the original makers.
There are Lloyd catalogues on-line covering a number of years - so you might be able to visually identify your lens.
Post a photo - it is quite likely that the lens cap was a generic replacement for the original one.
Those with more knowledge of the US market around 1900 will be able to contribute much more!

17-Jul-2011, 04:49
It could be anything. I've got a Caltar lens with Minolta caps.
This is LFF's version of "Name That Tune". Post a pic with a description.
Steven can name that tune in 3 notes!

Louis Pacilla
17-Jul-2011, 06:22
Here is a direct link to a Lloyd catalog from 1897.


It looks like Lloyd was re-branding B&L lenses at this time. sure that over time he re branded other manufacturers as well.