View Full Version : Stacking ND Filter with Color Filter - Order Matter??

14-Jul-2011, 19:20
Does the order matter when you use a ND filter along with a color filter? B&W film...

Is one or the other recommended to be closer to the lens?

I'd been avoiding ND filters, but this evening I needed one - I was also using a yellow with the ND.... As I was adding the filters I began to wonder if one or the other should be closest to the lens, or if it even mattered....

Thanks in advance,

14-Jul-2011, 19:35
Hi Dan,

It really doesn't matter. One minor point...

If one filter is multi-coated and one is not, put the multi-coated one closest to the lens. That way you're only dealing with reflections from one non-multi-coated surface in the stack.

- Leigh

14-Jul-2011, 20:25
Thanks Leigh...Appreciate It.


Mark Woods
14-Jul-2011, 20:32
Be aware that most NDs pass IR and can affect the shadows and shift them red. A hot cut filter, or the Panchro Mirror NDs will work quite well. The more ND, the more color shift. You can read the shift (for the most part) with a color temperature meter and adjust your other CC filters to compensate. That said, the order doesn't really matter except for Leigh's comment.

Good luck!