View Full Version : Can You Spare A Rivet?

13-Jul-2011, 09:22
This is a long shot, I know, but I need a small rivet to attach a Hood Catch on the back of my Toyo 810G for holding the ground glass protector in place. One was missing from my camera and Toyo-View (the MAC Group in NY) had the hood in stock ($3.60) but, alas, no rivets. They said the dimensions were 2.4mm x 8.7mm and it was aluminum. Do you have one of these little buggers laying around that you can spare?


Ed Kelsey
13-Jul-2011, 09:23
Try McMaster Carr

13-Jul-2011, 09:33
Thanks Ed but you have to buy a whole bag - 250 of them - and I only need one.


13-Jul-2011, 10:02
Go look for an Ace Hardware, Home Depot, Lowe's, maybe even a Menards (I heard they're like Home Depot).

Bob Salomon
13-Jul-2011, 10:09
The whole hood is $3.60? Buy the hood and stop looking for a rivet!

13-Jul-2011, 10:50

It's a little "Catch, Hood" part No. 18-D054 on the back of the 8x10G that is designed to hold the left side of the GG protector in place. The sliding lock on the right holds the right side of the GG protector. There are two such catches on the Toyo, one top left and the other bottom left which are secured to the camera with rivets. The one on the bottom left of my camera was missing and since I had to order a GG Protector I also ordered it. I don't really need it since the protector fits snugly under the one catch and the sliding lock holds the other side securely but since the part only cost $3.60 why not.

BTW, I ordered the Toyo all black acrylic GG protector which I assume is the standard issue protector on the newer GII's and not the green masonite board which they also had in stock and at the same price: $39. It's really nice and the glass facing side is slightly incised to match the glass. It and an 8x10 BTZS Focus cloth ordered from Badger all arrived on Monday. Now I don't have to worry as much about damaging the GG and I can finally focus the camera in the dark and without the wind constantly blowing my 4x5 focusing cloth off.


Ed Kelsey
13-Jul-2011, 10:56
What about tapping for a screw instead? Add a little Lock-Tite.

Bob Salomon
13-Jul-2011, 11:38
Check http://www.micro-tools.com

erie patsellis
14-Jul-2011, 06:21
If you have a small airport nearby, you may want to see if you can bum a few #3 rivets from somebody, the length comes out to a 3-5 or 3-6 rivet. Many aviation buffs buy longer rivets and use a rivet cutter to get the exact length. Might be a good idea to bring the camera with you unless you have a rivet gun and bucking bar or a rivet squeezer as well.

Jim Galli
14-Jul-2011, 06:52
Get your wife's hot glue gun and make a rivet.

E. von Hoegh
14-Jul-2011, 12:49
Any chance you could use a small (say 2-56) nut and screw?