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13-Jul-2011, 08:53
I'm in the hunt for a DLC lately so I'm just curious about a few things with the camera. I know it has bellows to spare for most applications but how do those front standards handle the heft of a copal 3 lens? I've seen lots of lovely 240/5.6s going lately...

Gem Singer
13-Jul-2011, 10:19
The Canham DLC45 that I previously owned easily handled a Nikon/Nikkor f5.6 240W.

I moved up to the MQC57 and continue to use that lens for the 5x7 format. The MQC57 uses the same lens board as the DLC45.

Mounted in a Copal 3 shutter, the 240W weighs 820 grams.

However, the Nikon/Nikkor f5.6 300W, mounted in a Copal 3 shutter, strained the front standard. That lens weighs 1,250 grams and requires more bellows extension to focus at infinity.

The front standard of the DLC45 is sturdy and large enough to handle a Copal 3 shutter. The answer to your question, it depends on the weight and the focal length of the lens that's mounted in the shutter.

Jeff Keller
13-Jul-2011, 12:31
I've used a Ronar 360mm in a copal 3 and a Fuji-T 600mm (copal 1 but heavy lens). Both were very usable on the Canham.
Jeff Keller

Gem Singer
13-Jul-2011, 12:42
The Fuji 600T weighs 1,000 grams.

I was able to use a Fuji 400T (600 grams in a Copal 1 shutter) on the Canham DLC45.

However, the extra weight of a Copal 3 shutter, on a lens that requires a long bellows extension, is asking a lot of the DLC45.

Jeff Keller
13-Jul-2011, 12:54
Gem, have you tried a Nikkor-T 600/800mm on your MQC?

Gem Singer
13-Jul-2011, 14:54

I haven't found the need for a lens with a long focal length here in North Texas.

The Nikon/Nikkor f9 300M is the longest lens I use for 5x7.

When I formerly lived in Oregon and Arizona. I needed longer lenses for mountain views.

The largest hills in the DFW metroplex are made by Fire Ants. :) :)

However, the Nikon 800-T ED is a large lens, in a Copal 3 shutter, and weighs in at 1,600 grams. That would be asking a lot from the MQC57.