View Full Version : New MPP MKVII user focus scale question.

12-Jul-2011, 00:45
Hi Everyone,

I'm new to the LFP forum, I've just got a hold of a nifty MPP MKVII and I love it to pieces. I used to use a Speed Graphic and the feel and build quality of the MPP is fantastic.

Now, my MPP seems to have been set up for a 90mm lens (the front bed has the focus scale for a 90mm), i'm using my 150mm Rodenstock lens on it and have found infinity focus. Now, am I right in assuming that there should be a regular focus scale running alongside the rail on the left hand side of the camera bed (looking down on it from behind)? I don't really want to mark the camera so are there any focus scales floating around out there for the MKVII or should I just go ahead and mark out where my stop is for each lens (planning on getting a 90mm and a 210mm in the near future).

Also, why is the 90mm focus scale set near the focus knobs when I always assume that a 90mm on a MPP needs to be set all the way back in the body?