View Full Version : Who made this shutter? Geared Double Flap?

Nick Ahlgrim
11-Jul-2011, 22:54
I got this shutter and am having trouble figuring out who made it. Its a double flap pneumatic shutter with geared movement. Spent the past few hours searching online and still haven't got a match.

The only markings I can find is the word "patented" faintly printed on the cylinder.

Really want to know who made it.

Let me know if you have any idea

Steven Tribe
12-Jul-2011, 01:27
The double flap is a Guerry innovation, but this was made by someone else!
Are the flaps solid wood or wire frames covered with velvet?

Nick Ahlgrim
12-Jul-2011, 10:51
The flaps are made of a thin metal and they are painted black.

I still haven't found anything that looks similar.

Nick Ahlgrim
12-Jul-2011, 11:07
Found more writing on the shutter, looks like it says "SILTNIO."