View Full Version : Wollensak 24"/610mm f5.6 telephoto lens...

11-Jul-2011, 22:11
Hey guys,
I thought if anybody would know about this lens, you guys probably would :D.
I just picked up a Wollensak 24" (610mm) f5.6 telephoto Raptar lens that's attached to a 70mm aerial camera at the moment. I gave google a good workout trying to find *anything* on this lens, but so far have come up empty handed...there's just nothing out there. I figured if it will cover 6x6 on 70mm film, it might cover something bigger, although it's size may limit it's practicality for just about any application. OTOH, it is more than 600mm, and at f5.6 it's pretty fast for a lens this long.
If anyone knows *anything* at all about this lens I'd love to hear it...

1-Mar-2019, 08:15
I bought one off eBay 3-4 years ago. Army green, bevel says its for 5x5 in. Came with lens cap but missing flange. Wanted to mount it on a speed graphic but never finished project. You ever take any photos with yours?