View Full Version : Plaubel Makiflex Repair

11-Jul-2011, 11:36
I have a Plaubel Makiflex that is need of a CLA. Can any of you fellow Makiflex owners recommend a good repair shop or have a copy of a repair manual that you would be willing to share. My normal repair person is unfamiliar with the model and does not want to crack it open unless he can look over a manual first. I contacted the Plaubel company, but they don't repair them any longer or have any repair manuals for sale.


15-Jul-2011, 19:56
Ken Ruth at Photography on Bald Mountain can do it. Older cameras with focal plane shutters is his specialty. Just do a search on the web.
Maybe one of the other Makiflex owners will add their thoughts.

17-Jul-2011, 13:10
Thanks Robert!