View Full Version : Ektar 101mm: For optimal result what is the best f-stop?

Adrian Ng'asi
30-Nov-2001, 19:27
I am trying to figure out what will be the best f-stop for the best optimal resu lt using a 101mm Kodak Ektar for a 2X3 Speed Graphic Pacemaker. If anyone has th e experience using this lense I will appreciate.



30-Nov-2001, 22:08
If you're using a roll film adapter, better stop down to at least f:16 for B&W or f:22 for color. For sheet film, f:8-11 is the optimum aperture for sharpness.

pat krentz
1-Dec-2001, 04:43
I have one that I use on my 45 Grafic with 23 film back and 22 film back, sharpness is good at all f/stops, the only thing that changes is deapth of field which increases as it is closed down, this lens is also very good on 45 for macro work. Pat