View Full Version : Linhof apo lanthar 15cm 4.5

4-Jul-2011, 21:41

I just bought this lens from a small shop in town. I don't know much about it. Is it a good lens? Can it cover 5x7?

Paul Ewins
4-Jul-2011, 23:08
It is a very expensive, high quality lens. The cheapest one I could find on eBay was just under $1200. Whether it is noticeably better than a modern(ish) Schneider, Rodenstock or Nikon is another thing. Voigtlander lists the 150 as covering 1/4 plate so it should manage 4x5 but not 5x7.

4-Jul-2011, 23:16
Thanks Paul. It seem i got jackpot, bought it around 220 usd.

Paul Ewins
4-Jul-2011, 23:31
I thought you must have got it cheap. Not many people spend $1000+ on a lens they don't know.

5-Jul-2011, 01:14
Both of the seller and me, we don't know about the large format lens much. He got another Carl Zeiss Tessar 15 cm 4.5 like this, his asking price is 100 USD. Is it a fair price? How about the quality of this lens?

5-Jul-2011, 01:49
100 USD for Carl Zeiss Tessar 15 cm 4.5 is not as good deal as you got. I always want to get an apo-lanthar, but its price is too high.

Arne Croell
5-Jul-2011, 05:39
It looks like it (the Apo-Lanthar) has some separation at the rim near the area of the 4.5/15cm inscription. Its a common ailment of Apo-Lanthars. A separation this size would not affect the performance, but the resale price.

5-Jul-2011, 10:05
Thanks. I normally don't resale my gears so I think it is not problem for me.

I find another shop in town got a Schneider 180 4.5 Xenar lens with Compur. Is it a good lens? Can it cover 5x7? I got a 4x5 Shenhao and 5x7 Gunlarch, so I want to buy lens that can cover 5x7.

5-Jul-2011, 10:14
What town has the kind of equipment that you're mentioning?

Ole Tjugen
5-Jul-2011, 10:50
The Apo-Lanthar is a great lens, and worth a lot more than you paid for it. It is possible that other newer lenses are sharper (though I doubt it, my sharpest lens by a very wide margin is a 1920's Aplanat), but none come close to the rendition the Apo-Lanthar gives. It's one of those things that is difficult to quantify. The 150/4.5 Apo-Lanthar is my favourite 150mm lens.

A 15cm Tessar in a sunk helical mount - should be around $50, I think. In a functioning shutter, it usually costs less than a shutter without the lens!

The 180mm f:4.5 Xenar might barely cover 5x7" at very small apertures. I don't recommend it for that purpose.

Either a 210mm Xenar or similar, or a 180mm Symmar or similar, would be my choise for 5x7". Unless of course you should happen to stumble across a 210mm Apo-Lanthar!

5-Jul-2011, 17:09
What town has the kind of equipment that you're mentioning?

Hochiminh city in Vietnam. The seller got a small vintage shop where i usually come to find vintage pens. Until 3 days ago he said that he got some barrel lens at home.