View Full Version : Busch Extra Rapid Aplanat No.3

4-Jul-2011, 12:20
Hi again, I have tried to find out focal length of that kind of a lens, it seems to be aperture f8.
Itīs available on ebay 99€ and paypal is not willing to give my money to my bank account, so I need to spend those somehow :D . I was wondering would that be reasonable price for that? And before I buy it, I need to know what is focal length. Unless someone here has something else to offer ;)

Steven Tribe
4-Jul-2011, 14:04
I assume this is the series D rapid aplanat, which is F8.

No.3 follows the tradition for many Continental makers as it is for 18x24cm (at F12).
Focal length is 260mm-
This was a big seller at a very good price, then!
Perhaps a little on the high side - but many standard types have surprised the last few months. Are stocks running low?

If it does say "extra" it might be earlier form of the portrait aplanat - which is F6, focal length is 28cm. It has less coverage but will strech to 21x26 at the smallest iris position.
Will check VM for data.
No more data in the VM!

However, I found it on the site. Iris says definitely F8 - so it is an early version (pre-1895?) of the objective that became the D series - see above.

Busch were masters at making good aplanats.

4-Jul-2011, 22:34
Thank you very much. Need to think do I buy it or not, I have 250mm Tessar allready

Jon Wilson
11-Jul-2011, 19:53
Here is a link of a picture I took with my f8 Aplanat 4 1/2 Derogy which I believe has a 14 inch focal length. http://photo.net/photodb/photo?photo_id=7916152
I like these old aplanat lens. As expected, the image is nicer than the posted scan.