View Full Version : APO Tele-Xenar HM 400mm/5.6 lens thoughts

William Stone
14-Nov-2001, 13:07
Greetings - - I am considering the purchase of a new Schneider APO Tele-Xenar HM 400mm/5.6 len s for color landscape work. I use a Toyo 45AII field camera (which has about 32 5mm of available bellows). I'd appreciate hearing of anyone's experiences with and impressions of this lens . thanks very much....Bill

chin-fan so
16-Nov-2001, 21:56
I was consider to buy that too, now I take off the rear element of my apo-symmar 210 f5.6, this becomes 370mm f12, I will use it for the mean time before I find out I use it more than 20% of the time.